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  1. Ooooooooooooooooh… :D Lemme know if it’s worth spending money on. I want to get the deluxe box (which that looks to be). Thanks :)

  2. Heh. It is an XBOX 360, my friend. The much-anticipated pinnacle of next-generation gaming.

    It is also not out in stores for another week.

  3. fyi: i revised the ebay description to omit the parts about not being in your possession yet.

    you currently have 5 “watchers” (ppl who have added the item to their ‘watched’ list but haven’t bid yet).

  4. (something like I HAVE THIS IN MY POSESSION NOW AND IT WILL SHIP AS SOON AS PAYPAL IS RECEIVED or something equally attention-grabbing and exciting!

  5. i icq’d you – someone is interested in doing buy it now, but wants to know how much shipping will be – do you have a price for the overnight shipping?

  6. Hey Jairus i got a client that Distributes them in ottawa


    John 749-7283
    he is on macarthur

    he sells the 360 / nanos / psp
    check the price before you order maybe cheaper tell him i sent you he may cut you a better break


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