22 thoughts on “519

  1. That looks like an awesome show.. How’d you land it? K@o wouldn’t anwer my emails when I was trying to get a show in MTL. Then again, you’ve got better connections than I do :)

    Is anyone going down there with you?

  2. Seeing this reminds me of a late summer night in New York, bunch of us sitting around Ben’s backyard talking music. And you saying: “ya know, if a bomb dropped on us right now, industrial music would be seriously fucked”.


  3. I’m playing a handful of dates with Terrorfakt, and Ben booked the dates.

    I’m not sure if anyone from town is coming up or not.

  4. You still down with the spring tour madness, my friend?

    Cyanotic said they want to come with us. :) They don’t think they can, logistically, but they want to.

    …and when do we do coffee?

  5. no YOU are the crazy pussy magnet…without you the pussy just doesn’t have that boil-your-bunny kind of edge…WE NEED YOU NICK!

  6. i’m pestering Karin & Statik to do a tuesday Collide show for our ottawa showcase of it [Terrorafkt, Adam_X, Ad-Ver-Sary and another band from US i think]…here’s hoping!

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