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  1. An even MORE depressing though… you do this while completely sober.

    hehe..just here to make your day more complete. Are you in the frikken call center yet?

  2. Bell is coming to the house tomorrow.

    If they’re there while I’m home, I think I might put on a wifebeater with zoodles stains and start screaming.

  3. omg… you’re not working on lancaster or don reid too now, are you?

    another one is sucked in to the blackhole of the IT frontline… oh woe is he, for he is doomed to answer the call of farginmunkeeredneckessi (say that 3 times quick – hee!) until his mind is numb from smacking his own head in frustration…

    p.s. – did you get to look at my lj? go back to about sept. 1st – there’s 2 posts you’re mentioned in… eheheh

    more quotes from the twiin faq ™ to come… btw, do you have a more recent version running around somewhere?

  4. Yeah, I’m at Lancaster. I did, however, work here a few years ago, so I do know what to expect. I have no illusions about Taima.

    As for the Twiin FAQ, the copy you sent is the only versionI have. The others were all lost in the great hard drive crash of 1999.

  5. proving yet once again that yes, jai is a spaz… *chuckle*

    don’t leave your safety zone, jai – or we’ll set your foot on fire… the thick burning smell of angstboy and kiwis…

  6. zoodles!!! roflmao

    i think i may be able to dig up some track pants – combined with my flip flops we may be able to join our whitetrash powers together and get em real proper like

  7. Fantastic. I’ll see what kinda accent I can throw on, too… I can do a pretty good newfie.

    Do you have a good screechy annoying nag voice?

  8. Actually, that’s incorrect. Upon moving i unearthed a folder in my room titled JP22. in it contained a disk and this so-called “faq” you mentioned. However, those were lean years and i might have used the paper to start a fire for heat and copied over the disk with porn. Heh, if not its sealed away in a locked box with a pile of other things no one knows about.

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