Morning Sickness

In NYC now with Yann, and very comfortable thanks to the endless hospitality of Ben, while Leslie and Mike are on the road somewhere between here and Ottawa. Nick has had to return home, but the tour has been going well, and we’re all enjoying our time together, and on the road.

Alan Gurganis once said that there are three days in the history of New York; the day you see it, the day you move there, and the day that, much wiser, you finally move back home.

The reason, I think, that so many people move here after visiting is that the city is so large that you can’t help but find a part of town that feels like home. No matter who you are, or what you do, there’s a group of people who are in the exact same place. There is a community present.

I haven’t found (nor am I looking for) a community here, but I’ve found places where they speak the same language that I do. Or at the very least, places where someone long ago spoke the same language, while designing parks, streets, and filling the city with meticulously rich Beaux-Arts architecture.

Central Park, especially. There’s something about seeing the tips of Impressionist and Art Deco spires over a wall of oaks. A green sea in the heart of the urban sprawl.

I feel sometimes as though the ground is shifting around me, and that the things which are personal and familiar are slowly being moved away. Intimacy becomes insulation, and contact turns to distance.

This was once a personal space. Now, it is so saturated with irrelevant meaning and interpreted implications that it is nearly useless for this purpose. I can write a line or two before something inside sends a warning, lest I give the wrong impression to the wrong people, or say something I shouldn’t.

I need to find sacred space again.

8 thoughts on “Morning Sickness

  1. One thing to remember about Cental Park, it’s designed by the same person who designed Vincent Massey Park, and the Park on Mount Royal in Montreal.

    Washington Square Park is also a great place to hang, as there are always musicians there playing music.

    …I miss NYC…


  2. YES WE WILL IN FACT!!! we’re playing a festival this weekend in Lowell, Mass. and hopefully visting Boston Thursday after we head out from the show in Ithaca tonight, possibly Sunday as well…WILL WE SEE YOU?!?!?!


  3. great post, central park was great wasn’t it?

    – miss you guys a LOT –

    everything here is a bit chaotic and nerve wrecking, but everything will be back to as normal as possible in due time.

    Give my best to the team and …


  4. “I need to find sacred space again” hear hear ! I thought this was live JOURNAL not live verbal warfare . enough walking on eggshells . almost every week someone that was on here when I first started up , deletes their journal due to such nonsense . enough

  5. what the fuck of the fuckingness

    i only just now realized what leslie meant by “see you soon”

    guessi dont pay mucho attentiones to the old LJ enough
    to have realized you guys were in town..

    sucks to have not been called or gotten in touch with.. etc..

    especially from YANN.. shame on.. him.

  6. sadly we had to drive Nick back to Ottawa mid-tour, then back so we missed NYC for for most of the time we were supposed to be there, so we didn’t get to visit :( :( :(

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