24 thoughts on “Ahh.

  1. Heh. Just hearing about it made me happy. I still can’t get over the fact that you can play hide and seek with your kitties. Bud just lays in front of the AC most days. (Unless you have cookies.)

  2. Yup. I always know when we’re going to start playing, because he whacks me on the leg, and does this OHES NOES I’M RUNNING AWAY DON’T FOLLOW ME WHATEVER YOU DO thing when I look at him.

  3. Woa! It’s like someone cloned my cat and made it a boy! Cleo looks exactly like that! And she’s just as playful and cute!

  4. Why do I feel a distinct sense of unease… They look like they’re plotting the overthrow of the humans….

  5. lol that’s our new boy, who has grown SO FAST….his name Sidheanna [peonounced Shee-Aunna]…Keishera actually got a bit bigger too though…i MUST send photos, dammit…i’ve been meaning too for a while now…how are the kitten-friends with you?

  6. =)

    your thread from way back when was awesome. I knew I had seen that name on lj before too, but never came across it again until last night. add me back please, good sir?

  7. the thread on homelessness? if so, then we are particularly thankful for your appreciation/attention…if not, ignore me entirely ;)

    [ [info]dirtybunny = Ostia on SA ]

  8. it does appear so. I listened to some of your tracks – sounds very nice. that’s so cool that you’re playing a gig at Albion with Iszoloscope and Antigen Shift. if I lived anywhere near NY, I would totally be going. but alas, I love on the other side of the country.

    sa = jgeizt

  9. that’s the one. I figured since I didn’t post in the thread (at least, I don’t think I did…), I would leave a compliment here instead. =)

    posted this below, too, but I’m jgeizt on SA.

  10. it’s too bad you wouldn’t be able to make a show…it’ll be a great bunch of bands, and i may be a tad biased but Ad_Ver_Sary is pretty talented ;)

    also, if you went i’d get to say hello too, and i think some others from SA are trying to come by….oh, Ostia = dirtybunny = DJ leslie ….i am a woman of many names, apparently…

  11. they’re doing very well….Mecha has come completely out of her shell, and is social with most everyone that comes here. Aramesh is a whore for attention as usual….and it’s awfully cute to watch them play together in the bathtub (mecha takes low, aramesh high).

    i promise to post some pics as well. :)

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