14 thoughts on “Here’s anotha!

  1. yeah happy birthday, scuttlebutt..

    i just logged into semagic and it flashed a big warning about your old-ness..

    i was going to send you some sand or crab grass from here in texas, but as was about to ask julia for your address a shiny bicycle drove by and i forgotted..


  2. Aww Jiggwai’s an old man now. You know, there’s a wheelchair for sale at the value village. Only $25 bucks. :P

    happy unbirthday (sorry I was late)

  3. Uh oh – a belated happy birthday – it seems I missed the wish-boat, as it were…..

    Still, if the wishes of that day were to strike an iceberg and sink like some hypothetical titanic, this way, you would still have my lonely life boat of a birthday wish to float in.

  4. Belated… but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Here’s hoping for another year of innovation and maybe a bit more luck to come your way!

  5. I hear they let you win something by the end of the poker game. Or did people keep making silly 300 bets and stuff, in which case Eric and Aun were your only competition?
    Always remember to look at your cards and count…

    Love ya!

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