If I reveal myself to you, you will understand.

A dream:

I was on a bus, which is where the trip was going to end. I wasn’t sure how long we had been searching, but it had been the greater half of a year. In the end, we had uncovered an incredible number of religious and spiritual artifacts, both real and forged. Indeed, the Virgin Mary herself had whispered to us in the darkness, and helped lead us to light.

In the end, though, it was the big man himself who came out to play.

He revealed Himself to us on the bus, as we waited for the endgame to bring itself to a close. True to our expectations, he was an old white guy, but not quite what we thought he’d look like. He was shorter than any of us, and was only wearing a thin blue silk robe that was more ratty than it was majestic, and did little to cover his potbelly. In his knotted and thinning hair was a crown made of twigs, so small and thin that I thought it would break if he tried to remove it.

He looked at us all, and spoke: If I reveal myself to you, you will understand.

And with those words, Lord God Himself began to strip on a Greyhound, just outside the city limits.

Thre three of us watched intently, and indeed, once he was revealed, we did understand. Free from his crown and robes, he looked exactly as you would expect a God to look. Shimmering white aura, sounds of birds and laughter, a brilliance so bright you can hardly bear to look — but we looked anyway.

On his chest and stomach in a gothic script was tattooed the following, in french:

Our offices are closed for the next two weeks

All quests completed during this time must be started anew when we return

We apologize for the inconvenience.

10 thoughts on “If I reveal myself to you, you will understand.

  1. Hmmm… Made me think of a giant call center, full of automated phone systems… All of them saying:

    *bing* Thank you for praying! Your prayer is important to us, but all of our deities are currently busy, please continue to worship, and your prayer will be answered as soon as possible. *bing* (Insert crappy Muzak here)

    *bing* Thank you for praying….

  2. …the part of the dream that I didn’t put in the original post is that it wasn’t impersonal at all. It was as personal as the universe would allow, as GOD HIMSELF came down from the heavens to reveal this message to us, and only us.

    The unspoken implication was that we’d get to relive the adventure again, timequake-style, knowing the whole time that it ends safely. Like the universe’s most terrifying and awesome roller coaster.

  3. Hehehe… cool… as an athiest, I find it all a bit wierd, since I don’t usually think of being able to experience God in a personal way… but I gotta say: Wow… cool dream… A cosmic adventure rollercoaster with the best damn carny in teh universe… :)

  4. It’s a bit weird for me too, considering I haven’t believed in God (with a capital-G) since I was an altar boy.

  5. I’m trying to picture it, but can’t see anything except you dressed in white doilies with the chopsticks in your blue hair.

    I need a drink….. : )

  6. This dream bears a couple of odd parallels to a story I wrote while in high skool…. but WHY WAS THE WRITING IN FRENCH?

    It is also eerily evocative of that ever-so-powerful-and-profound line from that song by whatserface – “…just a stranger on the bus, tryn’ ta make his way home…”

    Jai, I have a question – sample from an early Puppy song, ends in “…pretty funny religion?” Where is it from? I remember reading that quote somewhere, attributed to a Buddhist, perhaps the Dalai Lama…?

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