Play some Skynyrd: Second in a series.

A note to all my friends and foes,

Tomorrow night I will be performing live at Zaphod Beeblebrox, with the good folk from PIN, Place, and Foil Conduit. This is my second ever live show, and while I wasn’t happy with how the first one went, I believe that anything worth trying is worth trying twice.

So, this makes twice.

Although the idea of standing on stage and playing is terrifying enough without having to see too many familiar faces in the audience, I can’t guarantee that you’ll have another chance to see/hear me play. So if you’re into that kind of thing, I suggest you come out tomorrow.

Wish me luck, and a BSOD-free hour.

18 thoughts on “Play some Skynyrd: Second in a series.

  1. I will be there dirrectly after work. Don’t worry Jiggwai, I know you’ll do great, regardless of whether or not there are alot of humans present.

  2. Buttocks Siezure Of Dookie. It happens to most us performers while on stage. Commonly known as being scared shitless.

    j/k jairus – You better be there long enough to perform one more time before you leave – maybe we can make it a duo – we leave June 23rd…

  3. “You better be there long enough to perform one more time before you leave – maybe we can make it a duo – we leave June 23rd…”


  4. Hey, good luck!!!

    I’ve performed a few times on stage myself, and one trick I learned from Cam Hawkins of the band FM was to obscure the audience…both he and I are nearsighted…so, we take off our glasses when we play. Can’t see the crowd, so it’s easy to ignore them and not feel too nervous. If you are not nearsighted, wear sunglasses, and just light the stuff near you…

    BTW, I am now in-town…if you need help transporting stuff to/from club, I am driving a minivan, and would not mind giving you a hand. You can call me at (613) 482-4488.

  5. We’re thinking maybe we’ll want to explore at some point and who knows, end up in ottawa maybe – It’s about 550 miles / 8 hours or so – alot closer then 3000 miles!

  6. dood – try your best. cause thats all you can do. its only when we dont try that we should be upset with ourselves.

  7. I am sending you good luck vibes from here…

    I tryed to make it home for it and I can’t…

    Good luck :)

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