The Hood: 1991-1997

The Hood: 1991-1997

The Hood: 1991-1997

The Hood: 1991-1997

This is it: Craig Henry. Anyone who knew me when I was a teenager knew this place.

If you click-through to the Flickr page, you’ll see my annotations and notes. It’s incredible how strongly I feel about this place. Writing even the few works on the Flickr entry has really left me shaken and sad.

I drove by here in a Taxi last week, to visit my mother. I hadn’t been out there in years, and when I saw all the new massive big-box stores and the suburban house developments, it literally made me ill.

I can’t write anything more about it.

9 thoughts on “The Hood: 1991-1997

  1. Wow.

    The north site on the map… it was a Macs, not a 7-11. I remember it well. I remember the powerline corridor park… strolling there in the summer. I remember the cemetary, living right next door to it.

    That was the first area I lived in when I moved back to Ottawa. Yeah, some sudden memories about that area and you two reprobates *chuckle*

    Truth or Dare… remember? *laugh*

  2. I know that feeling all too well.
    After my last trip to Ottawa, I tried to put it down in words, and couldn’t for the longest time. Finally I managed, and then it hurt like a bitch, and I wished I hadn’t let my mind go there at all.
    It’s really strange, these emotional attachments.

  3. i have to run out for 1/2 hour, so still haven’t heard from you but don’t wanna miss you so…yeah. 249-0287 i’ll be back by 8pm at the latest…see you soon?

  4. You’re the only other person I’ve found who’s used the word “pilgrimage” in conjunction with 7-11. When I was in high school that was our sacred spot, and before I inherited a car (weird story), it was 45 minutes by skateboard. The Slurpees were the holy grail, whenever anything good or bad happened we went to 7-11 first. The day my mom walked in and told me my dad was dead, I called my two close friends and we skated to 7-11 and sat against the wall of the building for hours, drinking Slurpees in silence.

  5. sigh, that was my neighbourhood too at the time (lived on centrepointe). about the most fun yvon and i had was feeding the ducks in the park! or going to the videoflicks on woodroffe (which is now gone).

  6. I still can’t believe I never met you guys until you moved away. You have to visit me soon (and the hot tub)and visit some of those old places (since I am dead in the midst of them. I notice you didn’t mention some people I know you spent much time with around this area… I think I actually first met you on my front lawn with Adam and Aun along for a walk to Christian’s place while I was outside with Doug. So many years ago…

  7. “when I saw all the new massive big-box stores and the suburban house developments, it literally made me ill.”

    I felt the same way when they put houses in the cornfield behind my parents place and another on the woods where I spent most of my childhood .

    I wonder when people are going to realize theres just too much crap
    too much human population .. we watch while our havens are ‘consumed’
    the extra sting for me is that some of the places they’re developing out in my hood are undisturbed areas surrounding a 200+ year old village that bit they’re putting up in the woods is about 100m from stone ruins of old farmsteads that long predate even the logging town that would become ottawa . grrrrr

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