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  1. I meant to ask you last night, when you were having a smoke, but …

    where can one view this movie? I’m thinking an indie movie shop that will only rent these kinds of movies if you do a secret handshake and stuff.

  2. Either one works, but if you’ve gotta spend your money somewhere, do it at Invisible Cinema at Bank and Lisgar. :)

  3. i would have loved it if i had not been so retarded to be all…”oh duh, its on at four” or whatever AND MISSED IT BECAUSE I AM AN AMPUTEE…

    *kicks self repeatedly*



  4. i must seek out this donnie darko and make it mine.
    I’m telling you…this is a great and powerful learning experience. I am going to be made acquainted with john cusack and also i will throw donnie darko into the mix…nothing will stop mah ill flow…

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