23 thoughts on “The dwellers in the Mohorovichic

  1. Juffo-Wup is All… omni-existent, spreading and changing the Non into Juffo-Wup.
    You are the Non, who must become Juffo-Wup or Void.

  2. If your words are true, we will gladly spread Juffo-Wup to a new world!
    We will assemble the Birthing Fleet and send them to this planet.
    We will send many ships to protect the Children as they grow.
    You have been of service to us.
    Your insight into the ineffable Juffo-Wup is encouraging.
    Perhaps, if we were to plant spore sacs in your brain organ
    and let its tendrils spread through your flesh
    then you would truly understand Juffo-Wup… become part of Juffo-Wup.
    You WOULD be happier and more fulfilled. Consider our offer.

  3. Cessation of an individual is unavoidable
    a consequence of existence
    yet with the birth of life, individuality is transferred in part
    and may occasionally gain dominance for an interval
    achieving a kind of shared immortality.

  4. you know, i love you, i live with you, hell you tell me EVERYTHING but sometimes I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT YOU’RE GOING ON ABOUT??!

    and some tell me there can be no mystery left after 3 years! ha!

  5. A single spore lands, finds nourishment in decay and attains maturity..
    In turn it exhales a cloud of life, a thousand spores land… so progresses Juffo-Wup.

  6. i have NO clue what the hell they are going on about… and if you dont? i figure i’m not that far gone just yet

  7. you know, if i’d played Star Control 2 more I WOULD HAVE A FUCKING CLUE WHAT YOU BOTH WERE GOING ON ABOUT!!!


  8. Star Control 2 is what that was all about…did you ever get my message to call us? we have boxes of cables here, just need to know which one!

  9. Juffo-Wup is All… omni existent, spreading and changing the Non into Juffo-Wup.

    You are Non, who must become Juffo-Wup or Void.

    A single spore lands, finds nourishment in decay and soon attains maturity… In turn it exhales a cloud of new life, a thousand spores, each lands, finds nourishment in decay… so progresses Juffo-Wup.

    I fill with my parents parents parents parents parents… I am they — and they are us. Then, and now.

    The Deep Children are part of Juffo-Wup — home builders. The dwellers in the Mohorovichic.

    We are part of Juffo-Wup. Juffo-Wup is the hot light in the darkness. All else is unfulfilled Void.

    Juffo-Wup is the power of life… hot warmth in the cold Void. It flows through all things, binding them together, making them one.

    I am Dugee. I decide what buds are permitted to mature and which must be eradicated. I died of general misfunction 57,283 years ago.

    Juffo-Wup fills in my fibers and I grow turgid. Violent action ensues.

  10. Below is the Pod of Juffo-Wup.
    When we are cold, the pod opens and warms us.
    When it is dark, the pod clenches, and lo, there is light.
    You are Non, the Pod is not for you. You must leave.

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