Hebban olla vogala nestas hagunnan, hinase hic enda tu, wat unbidan we nu

In 2003, when the collected House ov Khan passed a motion to relocate our HQ to Haarlem, we did so with the intent of opening our community art/cafe space within the borders of the Koninkrijk der Nederlanden.

With only one EU citizenship between the lot of us, we were keenly aware of the legal issues involved with relocation. The Vreemdelingpolitie were previously responsible for handling of all permits related to residence, but Dutch Immigration and Integration Minister Rita Verdonk claimed late in 2003 that by transferring the process to her Immigratie-en Naturalisatiedienst (IND) department she could improve conditions for all involved. We took note of this, and watched.

However, a year later, Minister Verdonk and the IND came under investigation by the Justice Ministry for misleading city councils about residence permits and application forms, resulting only in a host of integration and technical issues that prevented the easy application and processing for newcomers to the kingdom. Minister Verdonk was given a deadline, and she assured Parliament that she would meet it. Again, we took note, planning for a 2005 post-deadline move.

Now six months past that deadline, Amsterdam City Council this week accused Verdonk of breaking her promise to resolve the issue, and is now investigating whether damage claims can be filed on behalf of mislead expats.

As of last July, there were almost sixty thousand outstanding residence permit applications, and IND is only now beginning to release over 75 documents each week. At that rate, it will take over a decade to clear the backlog.

The Dutch Association of Municipalities and the Dutch Association of Civil Affairs have sworn to see this resolved in a much more timely fashion. However, the only thing that is certain is that now is not a good time to be waiting for a permit in The Netherlands.

Here at House ov Khan, we are forced to deal with the harsh reality (heh heh heh) of the bureaucratic nightmare that IND has created.

Our plan is still the same: To move to The Kingdom of The Netherlands, and foster community space. It is very clear that this will not be happening in the current climate, however, as this backlog could possibly take a year or two to resolve.

In the interim, we are evaluating several options. None of these involve remaining in Ottawa.

We are looking at a variety of locations within our country’s borders and elsewhere in the world which will provide us with resources and experiences that we can use in achieving our goal. Any move we make from this point onwards will be a step forward. We will accept no less.

This change of status in NL does, however, have an upside.

Previously, due to the resources and related issues involved in a move to the NL (such as immigration processes for several kittens, business licenses, and so forth), the process was expected to take a long time. One (or several) of us were to head over as an advance party, while the rest stayed behind for a number of months to finalize the move from this side of the ocean.

Now that we no longer have to deal with these issues immediately, our move out of Ottawa will be hastened considerably.

Say your goodbyes now, friends and foes. We won’t be here much longer.

27 thoughts on “Hebban olla vogala nestas hagunnan, hinase hic enda tu, wat unbidan we nu

  1. You and Leslie will be seriously missed big time my friends.

    I wanna call you at home tonight what would ba good time to get in touch with you, I have an idea and I think you may like it.

  2. Do let us know where you land, periodically, as you enjoy your e’er-ongoing journey ’round several countries, of like.

  3. We certainly will. There may be a monster roadtrip in order as part of the departure and/or pre-departure celebrations, so we’ll be in touch on that. :)

  4. You’ll be back, they always come back! +P

    I myself may be leaving as well, though I doubt at this point it will be a permanent move.. too much family here.

  5. If I recall correctly, [info]oddiofile and [info]chinaski both lived there for some amount of time before moving (?back?) here to Ottawa and .. they’re… in… Vancouver and Seattle, respectively.

    Good luck man…

  6. I will miss you guys muchly but never fear for I shall have my damned passport and will exist as an EU ninja one day.

  7. so long as you + yours continue to let word of your adventures trickle onto this here internet, i myself will be content. if all ties to twiin & co abruptly terminated into dead google cache, well– that would be an absurdly sad day.

  8. how close are you to being an italian ninja? (officially of course)

    I realized recently that I’m just documentation and money away from being a British ninja pumpkin

  9. Any interest on the east coast ;-)

    In either event, keep us notified – Again, our plan to exodous is July 1st and if you’re still in the area…


  10. You guys are fucking awesome. It’s unfortunate I didn’t take the time to know you better.

    Good luck in your travels

  11. it’s simply a matter of me ensuring that I won’t go to jail for not serving in the military and or paying attention to tax issues. Course… with Italian citizenship, my friggin italian relatives would be speaking italian in my general direction all the time… friggin friggiity…

  12. well you’ll just have to catch up…we’ll have a stage at the cafe in amsterdam too, you know…and a few rooms in the bed’n’breakfast area of things, so you will have NO EXCUSE…i’ll kidnap you and squish you in my baggage…

  13. heh don’t think i won’t find a way to take you in my luggage! get stretchin’ i need you flexible!

    …and i’m at work overnights every Fri [11pm-11am] and Sat…then 10am-6:30pm Mon & Tues…aside from DJing that’s my schedule…what’s yours like?

  14. So I decide to find out what Jairus is up to. Haven’t spoken to him in a year….
    And what is he up to? He is leaving ottawa. I know what your thinking, he hasn’t spoken to him in a year..what does he care. well let me tell you that my negligence does not ammount to a general feeling of apathy. I am sad and will do all that is in my power to keep him from leaving. As I have not spoken to him for a year, my personal powers of persuasion will not be enough, and that’s all i have. now i am sad again.

  15. Definitely *nod*
    If you’re roadtripping it’s likely I know someone nearby… and I’m more than happy to help hook up guest DJ spots for you guys as you wander.

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