or they forgot…

I just thought you should know:

While we’ve been spending our money on high-bandwidth internet access, bad EBM, fusion cuisine and fashionable ribbons with ‘proceeds that go to Tsunami charities’, two million people have become homeless in the Darfur genocide. Hundreds of thousands of Africans and Arabs are dead. That’s the entire population of the old City of Ottawa, gone. The entire population of the City of Toronto, walking the earth, looking for shelter.

And while we’ve all been enthralled and shocked by Michael Jackson’s pyjamas, Johnny Fairplay lying about his grandmother’s death on Survivor: Pearl Islands and a dozen dead people shot by a goth libertarian neonazi, four million people have been killed in civil war in the Congo, where over twenty different armed groups are fighting for dominance and survival. That’s every man, woman and child in the cities of Detroit, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, and Dallas.

Just so you know what’s been happening while we were busy.

17 thoughts on “or they forgot…

  1. fark! I was HONESTLY letting that exact same rant loose on the world on Sunday night over dins! Cept I was talking about Sudan…

  2. hahaha. I didn’t even read that part. I just saw “Tsunami charities” and my mind started ranting all over again…

  3. Nobody gives a shit. Everyone I talk to about it squirms a little and then goes out shopping to make themselves feel better.

    When they said “never again” in 1945, they obviously didn’t really mean it.

    I guess compassion is for pussies.

  4. So true!
    I knew about darfur but credit for that must go to Gus.
    See. I think you hit the nail right on the head with the term ‘fashionable’. Which they aren’t because solutions aren’t presented as, nor are they, quick fixes.
    It isn’t politically correct or in vogue.
    It isn’t isolated.
    It isn’t easy, relatively speaking.

    It is sad though. I mean, all of these situations (current and in the past) are tragedies and I won’t say anything to diminish them nor will I allow anyone that I know to do so. The thing that gets me though is how easy it is for ‘us’ to look ‘over there’ and immediately know what’s right and yet so often we can’t even do that for our neighbours. You know what I mean? The people that are here. Not to say we shouldn’t help people regardless of where they are.

    … because it isn’t in fashion… :(

  5. exactly…

    try arguing for prisioners’ rights or the like…people quickly forget all about the ‘we’re all people/human’ sentiments…

  6. A big part of that is because ignorance is rampant. People don’t learn from history and read books on the subject.

    Now, Twiin, I know there’s many people who can’t read, and I know you can usually blame the dictator of that country for denying its citizens access to books and etc.

    Think about in the case of the Americans that get appalled every time someone equates Bush to Hitler. They don’t realize that what Bush is doing is practically paralleled to what Hitler did. They just go ” Why that there Mr. Bush ain’t killin’ no jews! He’s a good man faightin’ fer our freedom’n stuff! Least that’s what Fox News told me.”

  7. fashionable compassionable ”
    every freeking coffe place has tsunami releif cause its cool.

    There has been nada nothing of the war in the congo,or hey what about are own backyard?
    (we were just talking about that the other day)

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