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  1. Very nice. What kind of camera? Digi, I’m guessing? What MP? The detail on the macro is awesome. I really like the candy closeups – that kind of colour is sensational. I would totally put a selection of the candy shots up on my kitchen wall as a collection.

    Compliments should be heard, not thought, so tell Leslie that she is beautiful (I suspect she knows this already) and that she has absolutely stunning eyes.

    That’s all.

  2. It’s a CoolPix 5400, which we all chipped in and got her for her birthday. It has incredible macro (the camera is 5MP, but those shots were taken at 2MP), which is the main reason I thought it’d be a perfect camera for her.

    I agree: she is beautiful, and she does have stunning eyes. I will do my best to convince her of these facts. :)

  3. i really like the shots of the creepy toy things, such as the octopus and salt shakers
    though the ashtray ones are really abstract

  4. thanks so much! you’ve got a lot of photos that have struck me as really outstanding, especially that one of the frozen puddle reflecting the buildings, my god….jaw-dropping.

  5. thanks gregg-bee!! remember that good camera we used to have, the one i took those b&w shots on? after it got stolen at a show i really stopped exploring phtography, then they chipped in and got me the 2 megapixel camera a couple years ago and i’ve had some fun with that but was really not able to explore or experiment like i wanted…until i got this 5 megapixel one for my birthday…wow, it’s such a wicked camera…i’m finally able to try to take the shots i want to, to practice and whatnot, and to be honest i’m really surprised at how naturally it’s feeling…i often think oh i should crop one or 2, but [info]twiin tells me to trust my eye, so most of the photos have only brightness correction since i hate using a flash and don’t want to get reflections from some of the surfaces…no alterations or anything, and i’m actually pleased at how they’ve been turning out…and i haven’t had to sort through bunches of rejected shots to get only a few good ones; luckily it’s felt so natural that i don’t often get a lot of wasted shots…

    bah i’m babbling, but i cna’t help it, this camera has me so excited…and i’ve got such wonderful feedback so far, i’m really enjoying the momentum :)

    thanks again gregg…i really appreciate the compliment :)

  6. thanks so much! the ashtray, i really want to get a good full shot if it because it’s like a foot tall and made of 3 long, flowing blue glass points…and i’ve only just begin taking shots of all my weird toys and whatnot…there will be many many more :) anyone who’s been here has seen my shelves of oddities…

  7. wow that’s quite the hefty compliment…thanks so much! especially considering i’ve only really started taking photos, esp. macros, about 2 weeks ago…so far i’ve only taken 1 shot at 5 MP, but it’s on l=my flickr site, and it’s a shot of soap…sounds boring, but if you click on ‘different sizes’ then ‘original’ you’ll see the 5mp shot with some of the craziest detail…i love my new camera :)

  8. thanks so much for the kind words! i actually started a group on flickr after i took those candy shots called ‘pretty candy’…i’ve got a couple people to join so far, and i hope it’ll catch on…i think candy often makes for stunning photos, the colours so rich and often surreal…

    and again, thanks for the kind words…jairus does tell me so often in so many wonderful ways such lovely things…i know he believes them so that in itself is enough for me…i don’t see what he does, but he does a great job of convincing me he sees something worth looking at :)

  9. Self image is a funny thing. The more mirrors we are exposed to, and the more reflections of ourselves we see, the more distorted our perspective becomes. It’s all backwards. I think the truest measure of ourselves is in how we are recieved by the people who care about us. It’s worth it to believe, and try to see ourselves with their eyes. Maybe we’ll never see it, but it’s worthwhile to believe it.

  10. I left a somewhat-over-the-top glowing reply to your Streets thread on SA, and did a little detective work (your SA profile, website, a link here; maybe it’s not so detective-y). Anyhow, I hope it’s okay, but I’d like to add you and your partner to my LJ. You’re under absolutely no obligation to add me back, so I won’t feel slighted or offended if you don’t.


  11. I think the truest measure of ourselves is in how we are recieved by the people who care about us.

    Sigh… if only more people could believe in that measure. I have spent so much of my life in honest word and deed to convince people of their own worth as I see it only to have them fight back to find out how far I’ll push the point. It’s as though a kind word is a potential assault on their world view that needs to be backed up by irrefutable evidence before it’s possibility (not its subjective truth… which is reality in such matters) will be admitted. You have proposed a workable compromise though: if you can’t see it yourself, at least accept that another’s viewpoint may be utterly true to them.

    [info]twiin, I wish you all the strength and patience in the world in convincing [info]dirtybunny of the obvious (to you, and others) truth of your viewpoint ;-).

  12. Here’s as good a spot as any to add my $0.02 because you used the word that I was going to: natural. You seem to have a natural sense for expression with that camera (a synergy of human and machine to create a workable combination that is greater than the sum of its parts?… it’s cyborg [info]dirtybunny ;-). I will chime in and state that I have also been quite taken with the stuff you’ve posted, and I can’t wait to see more as it comes.

  13. HEHEHEH remember him!? he’s so cute…any of the toys you want pics of? i plan on getting a lof of those weird toys i have committed to photos :)

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