If there is one thing I must accept, it is this:

Any of these problems, I have created. Any percieved difficulties or stresses, I am responsible for. Any pains, discomforts, or antagonistic situations are because of me, of my actions, of a blind eye I have turned or a concept I have been unable to grasp.

It is in my weakest moments that I learn to destroy, but even at my strongest I cannot undo the damage.

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  1. you are not responsible for all the baggage and defense mechanisms you have been forced to carry with you from the past…but you are responsible for how you manage them…you may not be able to repair something to the exact state it was in previously, but you can rebuild it so be as good or better…

    once you’re aware of what this baggage et. al. is, you’re that much closer to getting a handle on it…deconstructing it bit by bit to try and eventually get rid of it….you’re human Jairus; beautifully, wonderfully human…there is nothing wrong with that, and nobody can expect any more than this…i know i don’t…but i think the best we can do is take responsibility for how we maange our baggage and scars…that’s the best we can do IMO…

    love you.

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