9 thoughts on “For Leslie

  1. i appreciate the words, the love, the kindness, the intent…but i can’t help but feel saddened when i read this, like i have saturated your life to the extent that you aren’t able to enjoy the natural beauties around you…that you can’t escape me, which makes me feel like i’ve ruined the stars and the mountains and the magic for you…i want to bring you the stars and the mountains and the magic, but i don’t want to interfere with it…

    i love you, most of all.

  2. i guess i just have a hard time understanding that…it all sounds so sad to me…i’ve got nothing on the mountains and the stars…to settle for me instead just makes me so sad…i want to bring you something bigger, better, something worthy of you…i don’t feel like me is much compared to all that i guess…

    take my hand and i’ll take yours; let’s go already.

  3. always baby, always.

    May 1st makes it 3 years for us you know…doesn’t feel like it, does it? i marvel over that every once in a while…seems like yesterday that we met for coffee and you never left.

    i love you so much…so much.

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