11 thoughts on “Love is not enough

  1. Yeah my mother came running up the stairs all excited to tell me, when someone posted it on echo and the sound. She’s already planning our road trip to philly to see him. I would have much rather went to Paris to see him there, but alas my mother wants to drive threw his hometown, aswell as see him live. But Paris would have been nice.

  2. I really think the drummer does not matter within the comtext of nin.

    It will end up sounding like reznor drums anyway. Remember he had albini record drums on the last album and what did they end up sounding like?

  3. That’s silly. Compare the drums of The Fragile to The Downward Spiral.

    When they had a good drummer (Vrenna), they had fucking kickass drums. The percussion since he left has been pretty dull. Hopefully a new good drummer will liven things up.

  4. if you’re willing to sit in a car with my crazy mom and my dad, your more than welcome. You can go to her site, if you like so you can fully understand the craziness that is my mother…. http://www.nowiamnothing.com

    And like when we go to philly, she has the the place mapped out, she wants to go to his old school, his childhood house, and his grandfather’s house. so yeah. It will be great fun.

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