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  1. A revelation?

    Sadly, OpenOffice.org spent a lot of effort trying to be like Microsoft Word so it could compete with it. It mostly sucks too because of it (although it did escape in a couple of places).

  2. It all depends on what you are using it for…if you are just editing 3-4 line scripts, it can actually do that! [nasty grin]

    Too many people, and Microsoft too, confuse wordprocessing with desk top publishing and text editing. Word tried to do all three, and more, and fails badly at all of them.

    For text editing/entry, I use a Word Star clone called Joe. For fast wordprocessing and some light DTP, I use AbiWord, and for real DTP, Quark Xpress is the only really good one left.


  3. :: shoots blindly in the dark ::

    So would that mean that Open Office’s “Word clone” is any better? -Since it tries to do pretty much the same thing? o.O

  4. you saying that you’re going to be sick reminded me that i really want an ichi the killer barf bag. wonder if anyone is selling those on eBay or something, leftover from its premiere screening.

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