Mt. St. Helens, Hewlett-Packard, Heroin Moral Panic, Richard Pryor On Fire!

In an attempt to try to clear my head from this pounding nightmare of a skull, I bring you part 2 of the JAIRUS’ MOVIE DEALIE PROJECT, wherein I list 5 the “best” films of each year I have been alive.

Today’s installment: 1980!

1: Raging Bull: This is, in my humble opinion, one of the best films ever made. It hurts me to watch, because I know neither De Niro or Scorsese will ever come close to this level of work again. The cinematography is incredible, the acting is un-fucking-believable, and the editing is brilliant beyond the limits of the english language. I cannot say enough good things about this movie. If you haven’t seen it, rent it tonight.

2: The Empire Strikes Back: The best of the Star Wars series, and not surprisingly, the movie that George “The Jerk” Lucas had the least to do with. Character development, action, humor-that-doesn’t-suck. Perhaps the best sequel ever made.

3: Airplane!: I could watch this movie a million times, and still laugh. This movie is made even more hilarious by the fact that it was Leslie Nielsen’s first foray into comedy. Before this movie came out, he was well known for his serious roles, alongside actors like Robert Mitchum and Gene Hackman.

5: Friday the 13th: This movie set the bar for slasher films. Alongside Halloween, this film changed the way horror was directed. No longer were horror movies a study in someone else’s misery — this film’s atmosphere manages to put the viewer in the shoes of the victims. It sounds obvious in the post-Scream horror movie scene, but this is where it all started.

4: The Blues Brothers: I think this movie busted up more stuff than any movie before it. Also, the stuff busted better. A smash-em-up buddy movie that doesn’t insult my intelligence? PERHAPS SO, MY FRIENDS! (Check this movie’s trivia page on IMDB for all kinds of useless information.)

Honourable Mentions: Kagemusha and Dario Argento’s Inferno. The Shining isn’t on the list because I seriously can’t stay awake to finish it. That movie has put me to sleep every single time I’ve tried to watch it.

18 thoughts on “Mt. St. Helens, Hewlett-Packard, Heroin Moral Panic, Richard Pryor On Fire!

  1. 1. Witches’ Brew

    2. Kagemusha

    3. The Shining

    4. American Gigolo

    5. Any Which Way You Can (sequel to the popular “Any Which way but loose”)


  2. Yes, I certainly missed Star Wars Ep. 5. It’s not in my list at all. The Shining, also, wasn’t mentioned even a little.

    I did forget about The Gods Must Be Crazy, though. Caddyshack I’m not so big on, and I don’t know Taboo. Can you give an IMDB link?

  3. I have to admit being a huge Kubrick fan it took me the longest time to appreciate The Shining. One of Jack’s best preformances ever. I also believe it was the first movie to use the stedicam extensivily (sp?)

    Airplane! Oh man I still laugh my ass off at that movie, some of the best lines ever written.

    Raging Bull. I haven’t seen the movie since the mid 90’s, but man I have to own a copy. So powerful, it’s a moving piece of art. How the hell did this movie lose out to “Ordinary People” tho?!

    Blues Brothers. Oh man so many great lines and when Belushi takes his shades off at looks at Carrie Fisher, those eyes say it all.

    Other movies from 1980.

    Flash Gordon. Ack! Man I never want to have to watch that piece of crap again. Hello Timothy Dalton, I still refuse to watch his Bond movies.

    Private Benjamin. Been awhile since I have seen it, but one of Goldie Hawn’s best preformances on film ever.

  4. Oh yeah, and I’m a retard. I don’t know how I missed Star Wars and Shining on your list.

    I’m sick, that’s my excuse. :P

  5. hehe. that’s hard to say.
    i liked it, but i’m almost unconditionally in love with asia argento and everything she does, so i’m pretty biased. but do check it out.

  6. Kagemashu was made only so Kurosawa could see if a few of the battle sequences in Ran were even filmable.
    Ahhh, Kurosawa, there will never be another as good as you.

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