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  1. wishing i was home…

    your poor wee toe…take the naproxen for it; DO IT! it’ll help with keeping it less swollen so it sits better, less painful and heals properly.

    sending wishes for many hugs and kisses…and promises that i won’t accidentally step on your toe again o_0



  2. hey Bossman too bad your not so hot today.. well i hope this turn around and your lil-toe gets better, and the noise in your head goes away….


  3. Try taking a cool/wet face cloth or towel and putting it on the back of your neck. This, of course, is an inside thing to be doing even though the weather has improved.
    Every once in a while when I get a protracted headache that just doesn’t want to leave, I do that and sometimes it helps.


  4. I used to have pretty bad migraines and found that Excedrine (migraine formula is the same as their extra strength) + a very hot bath so as to soak my neck/head for 30 mins followed by trying to fall asleep after said bath does the trick… then 4 hours later you wake up feeling the effects of the caffine from the Excedrine but there’s no more headache…

    This should all help your toe as well…

    …of which I had a similar experience once still held in the archives of time at archive.org… just scroll down till you see my toe.

    It’s a shame archive.org didn’t archive the sound file to go with it.


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