Disco, The Walkman, “My Sharona”, Jairus “Close The Decade Early” Khan

I hereby announce the JAIRUS’ MOVIE DEALIE PROJECT, wherein I will be listing 5 the “best” films of each year I have been alive.

Today’s installment: 1979!

1: Alien: “In space, no one can hear you scream.” Simply the best sci-fi horror ever made. Ridley Scott nears perfection (which he will achieve three years later) with his Skeletor-like control over every aspect of this movie’s production. This film is a study in minimalist terror, and is made more incredible by the fact that it was Scott’s second film. Ridley, sci-fi needs you. Come home, all is forgiven.

2: Apocalypse Now: It is immediately obvious upon watching this film why it was responsible for the physical and mental breakdown of so many of its cast. Francis Ford Coppola didn’t make a movie about war, he made a war and then brought cameras along.

3: Mad Max: Not the first Australian film of note, but certainly the first to kick so much fucking ass. Although he may have left us for Jesus, Mel Gibson was the best post-apocalyptic badass of the 70s.

4: The Tempest: A post-punk Shakespeare, as directed by Derek Jarman. I shouldn’t need to say anything more to convince you to see it.

5: Life of Brian: The second-best Python film, if you’re a fan of absurdist humor. The best Python film, if you prefer lucid wit. ROMANI ITE DOMUM!

Honourable Mentions: Zombi 2, The Muppet Movie.

5 thoughts on “Disco, The Walkman, “My Sharona”, Jairus “Close The Decade Early” Khan

  1. Yeah… you weren’t the only aesthetic object of note to find itself fashioned by the long hands of 1979…

    But I think you’re underestimating Henson’s genius by offering the muppets a mere honourable mention….

  2. You missed a few:

    Buck Rogers in the 25th Century?

    Debbie Does Hawaii?

    Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang?


    All classics.

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