Happy Festivus (Or: A Debt to Lactam)

I received a package full of holiday presents from Downhill Battle the other day.

  • Red wrapping paper spraypainted with the Downhill Battle stencil
  • Instructions on how to make wheat and rice paste.
  • A brush for applying said paste
  • 1 “I took back music and it worked” notebook
  • 1 “downhill battle fights to win” keychain
  • 1 “I will be going to the downhill battle family x-mas party 2005” button.

Lia, we should finish up our work on Downhill Battle North soon. Also, pancakes.

In other news, I called Logitech the other day to inform them of problems using my MX 700 mouse, and they sent me a free new MX 1000 in the mail. Other companies could learn a thing or two about warranty and customer service from Logitech.

Now if only they had a keyboard to compare to my old Model M.

13 thoughts on “Happy Festivus (Or: A Debt to Lactam)

  1. It took me 4 calls & 2 emails (one telling them that I will take legal action) to get HP to replace my burner. I think I’ll be buying Logitech stuff from no on when I can.

  2. err tomorrow i’m seeing teh mother in the afternoon, then working at 11pm until 11am sat. morn, then working 11pm sat until 11am sun morn…then i work 10am-6:30pm mon & tues….wed off.

  3. Logitech has always been a fav of mine. I have 4 of their trackballs. Until I switched to using their Marble Mouse trackball, I had troubles with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Now I don’t.

    p.s. The Friar and I will be in Ottawa in 24 hours!!!!


  4. i’ve never bought anything other than logitech for keyboards and mice. always been pleased. glad to hear that have great customer service too.

    if only compaq had been that way… i had to threaten legal action to get them to move their ass and fix my laptop. i’ll never ever buy anything from them again.

  5. *BAWL* …. I wish Logitech would improve on their trackballs as much as they have with their optical cordless mice. I have a TrackMan Wheel but it’s akwardly small. Strangely enough, only Microsoft makes a comfortable trackball. It’s corded, but damn, it’s comfy. I don’t even mind having to reboot it every few minutes to get the scroll wheel to work (just kidding). The extra buttons for Forward/Back in a browser are bloody brilliant (also good for Undo/Redo in Photoshop, Word, etc)

    I was trying to come up with a special gift thingie for this year, but I’m stuck building gifts for my folks. Oh well, maybe if I get that job at CIPO, I’ll have better luck next year.

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