This is a friends-only post, to which everyone is allowed to read except Leslie Leslie, if you’re reading this because Josh (the jerk) forgot to log out, stop now.


So — I’m putting together a collection for a Christmas/Solstice/Etc. gift for Leslie. As you may (or may not) remember, a year or two ago I put together a collection to pick her up an old digital camera, because she wanted to get into photography. We ended up getting an old Kodak, and many wonderful pictures were taken. Now, however, the camera is showing its age, and is rapidly approaching uselessness. This is what I’d like to get her:

A shiny new Coolpix 4500 (or a 995, if I can’t find a deal on a 4500), which is the undisputed king of macro photography. Which is really the kind of ography that Leslie wants to do. On the plus side, the camera also takes killer non-macro shots.
An also-shiny Cool Light SL-1, which attaches to the Coolpix (either model) for helping light macro subjects.
A 1-year Flickr account, so she has all the space in the world to upload/share/post photography, and a nice interface to do it with.

This is the plan. I understand that money is tight all over, so if you can’t contribute, no worries. If you can, that would be fan-fucking-tastic. There’s over a hundred and fifty people who have me on their friends list — even if 1/3rd of that number has an extra few dollars in their paypal account, that’d cover a large chunk of the expenses.

Also, you’d be making Leslie really, really happy. And you’ll have pretty pictures to look at, afterward.

If you can email me at jairus@gmail.com if you’re able to contribute (not any other email address, which she might accidentally open), it would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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  1. i can’t believe how incredibly sweet you are baby…you left yourself logged in so i figured i’d finally peek at your post trying to get me my xmas gift…it makes me tear up thinking of how sweet you are to me, of how hard you try to get others to see a little of what you do in me…

    i hope it’s not too hard for you…when they don’t see, when they, time after time, berate and belittle…when nobody replies…i’m sorry if i cause you trouble, baby…i’m sorry if i am hard for people to see as anything more than the monster they want me to be…it breaks my heart to think of you having to work so hard to get people to try to accept me …i feel bad that nobody replied to your wonderfully sweet efforts to try and get me something special…you are so caring with me, so incredibly kind and generous…

    your love for me is more than i need, it wraps around me countless times, it keeps me warm and it keeps me safe…and just having you as my partner means more to me than anything…so even if nobody ever replies, i have you…and you are a gift greater than any i could have ever dreamt was possible…you are my glittering prize.


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