i think we should drive out to see stars tonight

In the Gemini constellation tonight, Venus and Jupiter will be only one degree apart. Look for it after sunset, near the hip of the left Gemini twin.

On June 17th, 2 BC, the two planets were zero degrees apart, and were by far the brightest object in the sky with the exception of the moon.

Tonight, you will be one degree away from witnessing the Star of Bethlehem.

19 thoughts on “i think we should drive out to see stars tonight

  1. thank-you.

    for everything.


    you make everything more than ok…and like you said, none of them can touch this…none of them at all…

    i. love. you.

  2. Sunset’s at quarter-to-nine, tonight… so 9:15 or so, I imagine.

    You’ll have to query leslie about the roof, though. I’m also not sure what direction Gemini is, this time of year, so it might get obscured by another building, or something….

  3. confirm my belief in your ability to wreak havoc at will and tell me you know how to hot-wire a car. i’m sure we won’t get arrested if we’re very careful and drive politely.

  4. i can’t “do” the new cars (too electronic) but the older ones…NO STOP!
    /shakes head

    i am not gonna…not gonna….no way…not again, anyhow…*ahem*

  5. you could flee faster on wheels. and you would have fleeing company. we could flee en masse. flee-o-rama.

    i can drive stick – does that make things fleeasier?

  6. I have a car, and i know some of the best places to go in the countyry, as i live in the country…..whos in???

  7. woo hoo :) i’m so glad i wore my hoodie!! but my teeth still hurt. think it has something to do with the planetular alignment?

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