11 thoughts on “413

  1. But if you love, that love would be unconditional and as unconditional love you would be accepting of my stupid quizzes of stup-osity. I’m not seeing the love here if love is conditional love.
    n stuff.

    I have no idea what I said so if you can figure it out, please let me know.

  2. what if the love is for aesthetic reasons only and stupid quizzes, rather than smart or even pretty quizzes, stain the general overall impression of the… eh i’m gonna have a beer

  3. But i thought everyone wanted to know that my spirit animal is a sea-horse and the foreign object found up someone’s butt that i most resemble is a tire iron…

  4. Shit! So what is he loving me for because now I’m confused!!!!!
    Maybe I should go on a vacation in Cuba or Brazil and have a totally torrid affair with some quizzes on their internet; would he love me again then?

  5. ha you’re stuck with me….sucker.

    a silver mt zion is love
    brought to you by the isLove Generator

    also, i’m missing you greatly…
    i wish you were feeling better
    i wish you didn’t hurt
    i wish you could come visit me at work, we’d have a pic-nic under my desk
    i wish we could spend the night just lying together, talking, like the first night we met
    i wish you were here, with me now

    i love you.
    so much more than words can say…

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