13 thoughts on “fsck

  1. my sympathies Jai,
    that blows…

    I’ve been there, and loosing important data is no fun.
    The bookmarks are the shits to loose.
    { I wish I had one file going back to `93. }

    but FTPs and email addys… oh man. :(
    go for a walk outside I guess, and take a breath.

  2. That’s horrible! When I re-formatted (the one and only time I’ll ever do it!!) I lost a few gigs of mp3s that I thought I had backed up. I also know how it feels to lose important things.

    I’ll bring cookies on Tuesday.

  3. these are bad things,
    ontrack easy recovery?
    i have gotten reformatted stuff back..

    good luck with that, and see you in the office this week

  4. hence the reason that all my important shit is on a mirror set and uploaded offsite once a week. in addition to that, i always ghost my machine to another HDD in case of emergency…

  5. (the above was a lame attempt to make something positive of a nasty situation… we now return you to your regularily scheduled crapiness… :p)

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