13 thoughts on “Pak Chooie Unf!

  1. Dear Leslie and Jairus,

    I have totally decided that my new pc with purple motherboard should be given to Tony because he is the coolest thing in the universe.
    That’s why he let me type this from his journal, he’s just that cool!

    Your pal,

    Strongba… I mean Antigen Shift

  2. Guys!!!!

    this is too generous…I can’t thank you enough..and purple is sexy!

    and yes screws are an archaic remenant of the primitive age of hands.

  3. what???? who is this imposter!!! I am the real antigenshift posting under oninofro’s name in an attempt to be super cool!!!
    Clearly this guy must be an imposter for the world knows that screws and velcro are fun and I fully support their use in every way!
    Do not listen to this robot for he has fallen down the stairs and does not know the terrible secret of outer space.

  4. I’m not usually a pistols at dawn kinda guy, but I’ve been known to hold my own when music is at stake!

    saddle up bitch

    btw, we’ve never met my name is nick – hi ;)

  5. Pistols aren’t the answer.
    Pistols can’t protect you from the terrible secret of space.
    Shoving is the answer.
    Humans must be shoved. The must go down the stairs.

    Alright. Now with that worked out of my system. You can have the pistol… I’ll just sneak up on you with full ninj-osity and swordicate you!


    hey nick, how’re you doin? Mine’s Tony but that knowledge will not save you from utter defeat!!!!!

  6. wow! OMG that was very fast…!

    ummm…I’m thinking I can call you this week to make some arrangemnets….I know thursday is out, but Wednesday sounds like a strong possibility!

    btw, can you leave me a number where you can be reached during the day?

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