Things that are happening:

Next week is the Displacer/Re_Agent/s:cage show slash Industrial Nation release party. Tomorrow, I need to get more flyers and posters printed, and spend a few hours postering around the usual hangouts.

October 18th is going to be KMFDM + DJ? Acucrack (+ local opening act maybe, if rider/time allows). This is going to be a fairly big show, and I want to get the promo started right away. I might do up some stark teaser posters to put up on my run tomorrow, just to let people know that they’re coming to town.

Oct 26 looks like a tentative date for our Halloween show, which is almost certainly going to double as an independent music fundraiser. Ideally, we can get some exposure to underexposed acts/organizations, and provide a little financial help:

Warren’s music keeps getting better and better, and I’d like to raise enough to pay for professional mastering for his CD (from the producer of his choice).

Downhill Battle can always use a few more dollars to keep things running, and they’re going to be sending t-shirts and stickers and such for giveaways and sales.

Rumour has it that Nick has sold all his gear, and is without a PC. If this is the case, I’d like to put together a barebones system for him so that he has a way to keep making music.

And so on, and so forth.

We’re still working to confirm Skinny Puppy for November. There have been some changes to the Barrymore’s liquor license, and we’re looking into alternative venues in case these changes affect Puppy’s willingness/ability to play there. I don’t want to use the Capital Music Hall, because they tried to fuck us out of the show when I went to them four or five months ago. Also, I hear their sound sucks like ass. Ottawa needs more venues.

I taught my first 5-day computer security course a week or two back, and it went pretty well, from what I can tell. The students seemed to enjoy the course and the material, and the school seemed to enjoy the reviews of my work. (Additionally, I think I’m unofficially the new IT guy for the school. I’ll find out this week.)

I made a decision to take a theory-based approach to the course (rather than a technical-based approach), because theory spans generations of technology. I could easily do a security course that’s just five days of hard tech geekery, but it’d mostly be useless in a year or three. With any luck, the material I presented will still be useful five or ten years from now.

I’ve been trying to dedicate as much time as possible to writing music over the past few months, and I’ve managed to get a fair bit accomplished — but every time I think I’m happy with the material I’m working on, I’ll leave it alone for a week or two and listen to it again, only to be disgusted by what I had thought was a good track. I’ve been trying to avoid showing this material to anyone but Leslie, who seems to think that the music is much better than I think it is. She cautions me against developing Zykotik K9 Syndrome (wherein I write a lot of very good music, but release nothing because I think it all sucks). She makes sense, but I don’t want to be the next Hypnoskull. (Ready to scream, ready to die!)

I was, for a time, considering playing some of it live if we end up doing an indie music fundraiser show — but after sneaking a track or two into the rotation last night, I’m thinking better of it. It sounds so very different in a nightclub than it sounds on headphones. I actually felt embarrassed when I heard it on the big sound system. So much so that without thinking I started looking for another CD to mix into before anyone got upset at me for playing such terrible music. I ended up letting the track play, but… There’s no way I want to have that feeling when I’m on stage with a hundred people staring at me.

I’m going to be trying to acquire some gear in the near future. I want to move from a composing-based setup to a recording-based setup, and I know how to accomplish it. ACID (and Tracktion, and the like) were a good starting point to learn about composition from a non-tracker point of view, but I can’t do what I want to do with it. It also makes the idea of a live show pretty laughable — I don’t want to be another artist doing Industrial Karaoke, where I hit play and pretend that the knobs I’m twisting are somehow managing the song structure and soundstage. I need to work in a structure where I can improv, where I can record different takes of a song, where I can perform instead of play.

We shall see how well this works.

This entry is just an excuse to avoid writing about what I’m actually thinking and feeling.

17 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Popcorn
    All the way


    THIS cracked me up Hypnoskull. (Ready to scream, ready to die!)

    HAHAHA I will never forget you asking Olivier… ‘WTF was P Stevens thinking’


    hey! that can be your new theme song *wink wink*

  2. Shhh.

    (That’s what Barrymore’s told us the date was. The KMFDM website says differently, however, and until I talk to Barrymore’s again I’m gonna go with the site. I think it was changed last-minute.)

  3. Rumour has it that Nick has sold all his gear, and is without a PC. If this is the case, I’d like to put together a barebones system for him so that he has a way to keep making music.

    wow…man…I don’t know what to say…thanks :)

    all the free shows you want!

  4. speaking as someone who has done the whole knob-twisting-to-pre-recorded-music thing…..i agree. i felt like a big poser. go for ableton live or some such program…..i’m working towards that myself.


  5. Dude. I am proud of you. That may not mean much but I am proud just the same because I know that you know the material and now others get to benefit from your knowledge. Also (unless the universe has changed on me overnight), I know you love the field.
    So congrats!

    And also, damn (this is a congrats) on the promotional work!
    keep it up.


  6. That’s exactly what I’m looking at. I’ve spent a lot of time playing with Ableton, and the possibilities are endless, I think. After I’m done with the tracks that’re currently in-progress, I’m going to uninstall Acid and focus exclusively on Ableton, picking up MIDI gear wherever and whenever possible. I might just build my own MIDI controller, to be honest, the electronics of MIDI are dead simple. It’d be a lot cheaper, too. Also I could make it spooky looking.

    Message me on MSN/AIM/ICQ or something, I’ll show you the stuff I’m working on. Your opinion would be welcomed. :)

  7. Heh. This is why I wanted your phone #, I figured it would be easier to communicate over the telephone if you don’t have a PC. :)

    So, you up for taking part in the fundraiser show on the 26th? (Even if you can’t find gear to play live, you could do an Antigen Shift DJ set.)

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