How I feel…

I have wasted countless words trying to describe something that I know cannot be captured in text.


When I saw these statues, thousands of years old, Anubis and Sehkmet and Ra and Bastet and Horus and Set and Osiris and Thoth — These small figures carved into crumbled stone, polished marbles and golds worshipped by an empire, I knew I was in the presence of something sacred, something holy.

Against the glass, motionless.

6 thoughts on “How I feel…

  1. you don’t seem to remember the girl who stood behind you breathing air that tasted of dust and sacred whispers, and how she watched you. she saw your green eyes shimmer as you gazed at the idols, and something more precious existed in them.

  2. You may not believe this and, more importantly, you may not care… I’m still here for you. I told you I always would be and, well, things got a little screwed. We’re both headstrong, lamer lebs and I guess this can be a good quality when we’re dealing with others.
    I know we’ve hurt and angered eachother but I still think you’re a great guy. For what it’s worth, I miss you…
    Please don’t respond to this if you intend to say something callous (sp?) and/or mean. I holding my hand out to you, here, so please don’t bite it. :)
    I have a comfy futon if you want a place to lay your pretty head for a while.

    Take care, Jairus.


  3. I wish I could’ve seen those. I need to get back to school (stupid Carleton). I miss my studies. It’s just not the same without the resources and others who appreciate the same things you do. I keep thinking I should really spend more time with you Jai and get a chance to really talk. You seem to feel the same way I do about so many things.

  4. self-absorbed/self-exalted/generally reclusive/paradoxically monasterial/(subjugated) i almost never compliment the [writing . writing style . expression-giving] of others so this is quite genuinely a first (for me):

    your writing is like poetry. i am surprised to come across you. uplifted. quiet quieted quieting.

    and inevitably you appear to have a “train” of female admirers and persistent compliment-givers and so i do acknowledge my voice to be just one more to the chorus.

    [info]dirtybunny is a fortunate lady and what follows by presumption is that you both are, that is: fortunate.

    good things, i wish.

  5. fortunate indeed for us both methinks….and i am blessed to be with a boi such as he with the ability to ‘touch’ using words….

    sometimes it seems faerie tales of sorts do indeed come true…

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