ode to skinny puppy
a poem by jairus khan

oh skinny puppy
how great you are with your fake organs and meat grinders
how happy you seem covered in blood
will you come to my town?
would you come to my town?

i spoke with a man who says he knows you
he said ‘i can help you see them!’
and so i talk to him. he is a Tour Manager.

but sometimes i wonder what it is he’s saying
i will give him venue details and make him an offer
and then he will ask me to make him an offer.

maybe he’s drunk

i look at your rider, and i glimpse a part of you
a part that mandates 48 mono channels and 12 channels of 1/3 octave eq inserted on each mix output
and 12 more of compression
we can give you these things, sweet friends
and your (1) 6 pack dr. pepper in cans
i, like you, like to eat (1) bag tortilla chips with (1) jar salsa
but why do you need (2) packs of zig-zag red rolling papers?

oh puppy, my puppy
do you not like canada?
do you not remember how tasty leslie’s bbq chicken is?
maybe you are not out of her jam yet
and so you do not need us (yet)

but the jam will be here
even if you are not.

9 thoughts on “NO DIET SODA, PLEASE!

  1. lol

    well all we can do is keep sending the goddamned offer and hope Athan reads the damn email this time…

    also, the jam cEvin snagged from my back porch last time he was here was pretty tiny, he’s bound to be out by now :)

  2. okay uhm

    there once was a man, nivek ogre
    whose dressed like a midwestern hoser
    he met some “Key” man
    and they started a band
    but seriously, wtf kind of name is “nivek ogre”?!

  3. Dear Jairus,

    Your pome is indeed cute and fun! I am jealous you know the puppies!

    HI it’s me Bliss.

    THanks so much for being so cool to me tonight @ the club.
    I am very glad that I came out.
    Everytime I go to a gothy goth club and spin my poi I learn myself a new trick And so I did. I learned a backwards weave.

    I would like to add you to ma friends is that ok?

    THanks again for the info on fun nights. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have learned me a new trick.
    And I wouldn’t have had so much fun!



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