Thirty Aethyrs

Where have you gone?

Are you in the silence? The spaces between? Are you, like me, still searching?

He was here, last night. We listened to the walls speak, heralds to the poems of brick and stone.

He threw a blanket over the stars, and pulled them into the lake. We watched as the water sparkled, royal and dazzling; and when the sun left the sky, there was nothing there at all.

Everything was new, bathed in blue waves. This land held no shadow, only places the light could not witness.

We made sacred space, and I whispered my dreams to you. (When I see you next, I’ll tell you again.)

Do you hear him? Are you shivering?

He said:
In the oceans of the moon,
Swimming squidlike and squalid;
This bright moon is a liquid,
The dark earth is a solid.

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