INT. LAIR

               Machiba walks into the room, carrying a giant steaming plate
               of spaghetti and garbageballs. He places it on the table in
               front of Robot, and steps away.

                         Delicious. I've been looking
                         forward to this all day. I can't
                         wait to devour it with my MIGHTY
                         ROBOT JAWS.

                         I hope the garbageballs are to your
                         liking. I prepared them from the
                         finest dumpster juice in town.

               Taking a bite, Robot begins spewing heroic amounts of pasta
               in all directions from his mighty robot jaws.

                         AAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGH! This garbage is
                         totally disgusting! Thank god I'm
                         not programmed to taste crap!

               We see Machiba's horrified face as Robot continues to spew
               his culinary masterpiece all over the room. His eyes narrow.

                                   MACHIBA (V.O.)
                         For years my blade has tasted
                         garbage in the search to make my
                         metallic master happy. No more.
                         Now, my blade will taste...

                                   ROBOT (CONT'D)
                         What do you want me to do? Wipe my
                         robotic ass with this? If I had
                         emotions I'd totally hate this!
                         Hey, MacArthur! You wanna taste
                         this? It's like ass, but in a pasta

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