COMMUNIST – 0.034% — MARXIST-LENINIST – 0.067% — MARIJUANA – 0.249%

For those who find such things interesting, here are our current election results:

LIB 135
CON 99
BQ 54
NDP 19

…and here is how it would look if we had proportional representation:

LIB 113
CON 91
NDP 47
BQ 39

Liberals + NDP = 154 Seats.
Conservatives + Bloc = 154 Seats. (The IND candidate is a CON that was listed as IND due to a party nomination argument. He’ll be welcomed back to the fold.)

Someone’s going to have to suck some conservative dick tonight if he wants to form a government.

9 thoughts on “COMMUNIST – 0.034% — MARXIST-LENINIST – 0.067% — MARIJUANA – 0.249%

  1. *nod*

    that is exactly why i had to vote the way i did [ndp]…it was a strategy that thankfully seems to have worked for a lot of us….

    one day maybe i’ll be able to vote the way i wanna…but i really can’t see an anarcho-communist or even an anarcho-socialist party in the near future ;)

  2. i too voted ndp, and i’m disappointed that mazigh didn’t win the riding. not surprised, but disappointed.

    guess i’m not the only one around suffering from an election hangover. :)

  3. Voted Npd too…would have voted green but went for the one that had better chance to get something out of this. Still, this is rather sad, for, I can’t see the day where something is actually going to change here.

    The mention of an Anarcho-communist or socialist makes me smile. It’s been so long I have not heard about that. And yes indeed quite a crowd would be happy about that. But, no mather how much I like the idea, I think some people would ruin it for others, as it is the nature of a few to try to take more. But, then again, as I have never been a huge fan of the application of anachist-type of views on a large mass of people, I might just miss a few points. I still think it would be nice to leave the boundaries of this society with a rather small amount of chosen people and create one independant anarchist utopia.

  4. I didn’t think proportional representation would ever replace the current system, just supplement it …

    am I wrong?

    Who would “YOUR” MP be if it was completely proportional?

  5. I’d still have my MP, plus there’d be MPs chosen by the party based on popular vote.


    308 MPs elected via riding (like now)
    +50 MP spots given to parties based on popular vote

  6. YAY! I understand, and we essentially agree.

    (but your listing of “how it would look if we had proportional representation” doesn’t look like that – it’s a PURE proportional answer)

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