Two giant leaps

People are making history all the time. Amazing, wonderful things are happening beneath the surface, things that will change the world forever.

Like right now.

The first private flight to leave Earth is in the air as we speak. SpaceShipOne is the result of countless millions of dollars, and years of research spearheaded by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. He started his own space program. And it’s paying off.

As I type this, SpaceShipOne is travelling towards a height of 100 kilometers away from Earth — officially out of our atmosphere, which will make pilot Mike Melvill the first man to fly out of earth’s atmosphere in a private spaceship.

Take note. These men (both male and female) are about to change the way we look at space, and what we can do with it. They are opening the door for everything science fiction has been promising us for the last hundred years.

(Who would have thought we would owe it all to Microsoft?)

3 thoughts on “Two giant leaps

  1. Yeah, space tourism was science fiction only a few years ago. Sure, it’s past 2001 and we’re not flying to Jupiter to investigate black monoliths, but things are changing.

    Soon commercial flights to the moon might be a reality. I don’t know why people would go to the moon, but it would be an achievement. If I went to the moon, I would write something in the dirt (cause it would stay for millions of years), something like, “Josh Sucks”. Then, when aliens came to destroy our planet and set up a base on the moon, they would know how much Josh sucks.

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