Burnin’ is Randall’s solution.

I’m still waiting for [info]essinem to get in touch so we can get to work. The [CTRL] Conference is in October, which doesn’t leave us much time to write up our paper and submit it to McGill. The conference is billed as “a timely intervention which aims to foster critical dialogue interrogating emergent modes and methods of control”, which works well with my own thoughts and theories of The Current State of Things.

Assuming that my absent partner and I agree on the topic, I expect to be writing about the sociology of knowledge, and directed cultural bias. I’ll be drawing on the work of Michel Foucault, Thomas Szasz, and Jacques Derrida.


At SF’s Sister Machine Gun / Christ Analogue / Manufactura show, SMG’s lead singer made a speech:

Anyways, everything we’ve played in this set up to this juncture, this crossroads, this… interlude… is released on Positron Records, which we own and operate, the representative of which [at the merch booth] will be happy to supply you with a fix in that regard, for a modest fee which will go toward letting us sleep in a hotel room instead of the van…

Everything after that juncture (that interlude) is released on Wax Trax Records. which means it’s owned by — actually it’s not owned by TVT Records, it’s owned by Credit Suisse. so technically speaking, the first four Sister Machine Gun albums are released on Credit Suisse, a Swiss bank, which is kind of cool when you think about it.

The point being, I don’t get fuckin’ paid for that shit, not a dime, not a single red cent. So you can go ahead and go home, and — hey, you can download it right the fuck here, they got WiFi. Just get up on Morpheus or some fuckin’ thing and get that shit for free.

I’m not too big on the music, but I really like the guy. Too bad they never emailed us back when they came looking for a show.

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