Are you shivering? Are you cold?
Are you bathed in silver or drowned in gold?
This dream’s a vitality
With filaments as fine as a spider’s web
Pour through your mouth
They pour through your mouth
O river of silver, O river of flowers
I lie down and shiver in your silver river
Out drips the last drop of this vital fluid

Our life has grown weary
The stars have grown old
Are you still shivering?
Are you still cold?
Are you loathsome tonight?
Does your madness shine bright?
Are you loathsome tonight?

In the oceans of the moon
Swimming squidlike and squalid
This bright moon is a liquid
The dark earth is a solid

This is moon music in the light of the moon

11 thoughts on “(Brr-rr-rr-rr-rr)

  1. Those are the lyrics to “Are you Shivering?” by Coil. It’s on “Musick To Play In the Dark Vol. 1”, and the lyricist is Peter Christopherson, the man who founded Industrial Records.

  2. Leslie finally got me into Coil, as you know, recently.
    It was the right time for a few reasons.
    I hope all is good for my visit and one entire night has been booked for the madness of the squid.

  3. :)

    in fact i’ll be on my bew schedule by then; it’ll be my first week…so mon & tues i’ll be working most likely 8-5pm then i have wed, thurs off, work 11-11am fir & sat, then sunday off…then DJ sunday night…so probably Thursday when you folks get in maybe? as i don’t work until 11pm the next day…

  4. Coil released a compilation CD for people who need a starting album. It’s called “Coil – A Guide for Beginners – A Silver Voice”. I’d suggest that, or Musick To Play In The Dark Vol. 1

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