What I Did Today, by Jairus Khan.

First, I had to update my dashboard. My XBox is running a standard Xecuter BIOS, and I went with Avalaunch 0.49, the choice of kings.

Due to my crappy DVD drive, my XBox can only read DVD-R media. No CD-RW for me. Gonna have to get me a Phillips or maybe just the Thompson laser. After several unsuccessful attempts, I had DVD-R media my XBox could read.

Then came Debian. Or, more appropriately, Xebian. Even though it has horrible documentation, I managed to come out on the other side, a few hours later. I pulled a fakie on the FS so that it thinks all the needed partitions are inside one big 3GB file on my HD. This makes things simple.


The Apt-Get nightmare. Hours and hours spend fighting with compilers, version conflicts, dependencies, and everything else I hate about Linux. I made it through, but just barely. I’ll have to take it easy for the next few days, glibc has sapped my strength.

In the end, however, it was all worth it. It took the day, but I got what I wanted. Linux running on an XBox, with full joystick support. Not because I give a crap about Linux, oh no. A much, much better reason.

The Ur-Quan are coming, bitches.

11 thoughts on “What I Did Today, by Jairus Khan.

  1. Your cache may suggest otherwise to you, but we can’t see your pictoral reference to (presumably) Star Control 2: the Ur-Quan Masters — MobyGames doesn’t permit hotlinking. Cheers!

  2. I think I still may have my originals for the Space Quest series by Sierra… now if I can just find them.
    I *know* I have a backup of Syndicate Wars floating about.

    Make you a deal bud, I’ll bring it by if you install oldschool Tetris (nintendo style) on your X-Box (hehehehehe) so we can giggle and go “do do do do do do… oo-kay!” for hours on end. Ah efac… those were the days!

  3. That game was awesome. I can only imagine it’s glory on a modded xbox. Genius!

    If you ever played it, SC2 felt a lot like StarFlight 2–the. best. game. ever.

    A friend of mine started this a few years ago. I’m not sure if it will ever be completed.

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