20 thoughts on “24 Hours To Go

  1. Holy Shit!!!!
    Don’t know what Reyl’s talking about as that *IS* the upper half of my mad dog or nova mech!!!!
    Fuckin japs stole my combat chasis!
    Where’s my phone? I’m calling Godzilla right now!
    Why does that design remind me of The Last Starfighter???

    And finally… that is what Soundwave should look like if they get around to doing a proper remake of Transformers…
    alright. I;m gonna try calming down now…

  2. Listen… it’s clearly my mech as I have an A Gunnery rating.
    I can prove it in MechAssault, along with my piloting, but only if Dirty Bunny supplies us with fudge and sugar cookies! yum!

  3. I remember flying one of those a few years ago. Good weapons system and the nav is excellent, but handles like a pig. We used to call it the ‘flying camaro’, we did.

    Sid went down in one of those during the battle of the three moons. Tracy used to go down in one of those too, but that’s ’cause she was a cheap slut.

    And when they installed the AI systems… then they got right ornery and stubborn. Most of ’em became pacifists and went cruising for spacesquid. It was real irritating.

    Now we just fly one of these… same as everyone else.

    The new ride

  4. If someone drove down my street with something like that maxin out, I would kill them. Partially out of open jealousy but mostly because I get irritated when I can’t hear the sounds in Tenchu 3.
    Then… hehehehe… then I would strip the car down, mount the sound in the basement turning it into a giant subwoofer.

    Please tell me that’s a doctored photo…

  5. If someone drove that down my street, I would swiftly learn how to do a carjacking.

    That is not a doctored photo. It exists.
    I want the hand held, shoulder supported version *grin*

  6. Nothing! your baked goodies are the ultimate performance enhancers!!! I still think you laced them with some weird/new combat drug!

  7. when i worked at radioshack,
    JVC started something like that

    apparently the big tubes are called bass cannons
    and they dont really have any purpose but to think that that your bass is so loud its shooting air out ;)

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