5 thoughts on “Re: Terrible

  1. Remember when it was sufficient to just be within line of sight of one’s house ? Yeah… I miss those days too.

  2. line of site?

    i had free range of several acres of forest

    tree forts all over the place
    was out starting at dawn and didnt get in till dusk

    you city kids dont know what you are missing ;)

  3. I spent some time on a farm in NB when I was growing up. Trees and streams as far as little kid legs could take me.

    Fences are for suckers.

  4. I was not as fortunate as the two of you.
    I lived in a housing development. We don’t call them projects or ghetto because I can spell ghetto…
    Granted line of sight was a bit subjective (when I wasn’t being grounded for being a smartass) as I could see the house from someone else’s roof. Or through a series of reflections of windows, or through binoculars…

    No wonder I was grounded so often…

  5. hrmm.. dont get me wrong
    i wasnt in a farm house or anything..
    i’m a trailorpark boy 100%.. its jsut that our trailorpark was in the middle of the forrest (me being from a town in the middle of nowhere)

    – the show, trailorpark boys is sometimes very very accurate its scary!

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