7 thoughts on “346

  1. well now, never thought i’d see the day ;)

    thanks hun, this is always a nice thing to see someone write about you *grin*

  2. hey, lady – i just call ’em as i see ’em! :)

    i do regret that things happened the way they did back in the day. i’m just glad that we’ve both gotten beyond it…


  3. lol, well if i had been the person you’d heard i was i’d have been a bitch to me too ;)

    thankfully, though, you took the time to meet the person behind the rumours…this pleases me more than you can possibly know *grin*

  4. i’m a hella lot more mature and learned than i was back then.

    and cliff, the shit, didn’t help things. just out of curiousity – do you know if he still has any bones with you? i know i sure have a few with him.

  5. *shrug* dunno anything about cliff at all really…never met him, never spent time with him so i’m not really sure what issues he could have with me unless they are completely based on 3rd party heresay and gossip…and then it’s anyone’s guess.

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