halfway to fifty

I’m about to head out for my traditional birthday coffee. Leslie’s hanging in the living room, Zanne’s on the computer, and Charles and Yann are playing old arcade games on the XBox. X-Men, to be specific.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I wish I had been feeling up to throwing a birthday party, but it just wasn’t in me this year. (My birthday snuck up on me, actually. I got one of those ‘free stuff on your birthday’ emails from a site I’m a member of, and I thought that I the site must have my address confused with another account.)

I think I’ll have to make up for it with a bash this summer, after things finish settling down here at The Geekhaus.

Thanks again, everyone. I must go drink coffee now.

17 thoughts on “halfway to fifty

  1. DUDE!!!!
    happy birthday.
    you old fogie.
    <3, caitlin.

    p.s., i hope it goes without saying that i want to live with you but can’t. :)

  2. i was in the car with melinda, on the way back from Tofino, and i ask melinda “what dau is it, is it the 22nd”. she said it was, and i said…

    “happy birthday jai”

  3. Happy bday dude. 25’s not that old. It seems like yesterday we were skipping school to play Desert Strike on the Genisis.

  4. It’s mishelle’s birthday tomorrow (monday) but we are going to the dom before zaphods tonight if you would care to join us, we will be there about 8!

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