7 thoughts on “Or, you can just imagine the universe as a single, solid 4-dimensional object without motion.

  1. …what? …
    Am I allowed to imagine/visualize such an object as being solid in the same way that humans are considered singlular objects?
    At this point, the answer better be yes.
    It’s yes, isn’t it?

  2. I watched the time on my cell go from 11:59 to 12:00 and then I noticed the little 05/22 on the bottom of my screen and, just like that, I thought of you. Happy birthday, Jairus.

  3. heh heh….. happy, ehm, slightly belated birthday, auld mann.

    aww….`snot so bad bein so auld. I otter know.

    with age comes…. pain, come to think of it. Ah wait – but that takes one to the place where wisdom lies, right? lazy lil critter, is wisdom, allays laying round and waitin fer us ta come ta it.

    yeah. wisdom. well, I hope you get something good aside from that for yr birthday, jaisus-oops! jairus…


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