LF: Roommate in Geekhaus / House of Khan – June 1st

This is a two-story house a 3-min walk away from Billings Bridge, which has 97 service until after 2AM. The 1 and 111 routes are a block away, and the 5 literally stops on the front door.

There’s a convenience store right across the street, and within a 2-minute walk there’s a Blockbuster, Market Fresh, and everything else you need in a mini mall.

The house itself was renovated last year, and is two stories, with the upstairs having a separate entrance. Downstairs there is myself, Leslie, and Suzanne, and living upstairs there’s a wicked guy who makes his own chainmail, and another geek with spindles of PS/DC games and a Juno-106.

We have the full digital cable package, rogers high speed internet PLUS 4-meg uncapped DSL, and about 250GB of shared apps/movies/games/mp3s on our PC network. There is also a gas fireplace, and the house is not physically attached to any others, if you’re concerned about noise.

The location used to be a cafe, so there’s a massive wooden cafe-style deck on the front porch, with a barbeque. We have a HUGE lot/backyard. Before it was fenced in, there’d be a half-dozen schoolbuses and mack trucks parked there every night.

This is a liberal and GLB-friendly environment, and we are looking for an intelligent, financially stable roommate who wants more than another place to crash or a place for his friends to party all the time.

Rent is 450 a month, including phone/cable/both internet connections/heat/hydro/etc. First and last is not required. Interested parties can contact Jairus or Leslie at 249-0287.

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12 thoughts on “LF: Roommate in Geekhaus / House of Khan – June 1st

  1. Dude. it takes a post like this to put the Vancouver housing market in perspective. Were I ever so slightly less rooted here than I am now (say, at six-months-ago levels) I’d sign up in an eyeblink.

  2. Damm, I’m kinda upset that I”m not looking for a place, because that sounds like a sweet deal. The deck, and fire place sounds lovely.

  3. ‘pparently you isn’ hearin what he’s sayin!
    It would have been fine if you brought just one bottle… just float it across the Detriot river; no one’s ever done anything like that before! ;P … but you wanted to play it tough. Now it’s one CASE yo!
    The only control on a substance like american mountain dew is the rate it goes into my tummy tum tum.
    Alright. i’m done…


    ps – hello

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