I would like to learn a new trade, I think. I love the web, and I love computers, but I think I’d like to do something that isn’t web design, or tech support.

I’ve been thinking for a few years about taking some audio-related courses. While the workplace may have sucked, I did some really interesting work when I was at Sony. I would enjoy being a full-time sound guy. I’ve also been following the technology of video/lighting for a number of years, and I think it’s pretty fascinating. I’d love to get into that field, but it strikes me as a very tough industry to break into.

But, all of this seems to involve schooling, training, money. I’ve managed to avoid racking up tens of thousands of dollars in school debts so far, and I’m not sure that I’d like to start now. To be honest, I doubt I’d be able to get a student loan. Credit doesn’t like me, for some reason. Never had any, don’t think I ever will. Not sure why, really, it doesn’t make sense to me that I would’ve been rejected for a Canadian Tire or a Zellers card when I was making 40K a year after taxes. It happened, though.

Stranger still: Years ago, when I walked into my bank (TD) to get my daily withdrawl limit increased, carrying a letter from my CEO (and a former VP of TD) stating that I was expected to make over 90K that year, they refused to raise my daily ATM limit over 200$ a day. No overdraft, no credit card, no nothing. From $50 a day to $200 a day, take it or leave it.

Maybe I smell funny.

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  1. school loan is a whole other ball game… they dont check your credit, cause most people getting them have none.

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