That’s why I made the music, because I want people to hear it.

From an interview with Ian KacKaye (of Minor Threat, Fugazi, and Dischord Records) on downloading music:

If people lose their incentive to make music because they’re not making money, they’re not musicians. They’re business people. Musicians don’t have a choice in the matter, you gotta make music. There’s no choice! It’s not a fucking job description, there’s no choice!

You make music because it’s what you do and the idea that it’s sort of like saying that, “Well, this person is an artist, they’re a painter, but because they can’t sell their paintings they’re going to quit.” If they do, they’re not artists! They’re business people. I have to say that I feel like music, when I make music, the creation aspect of it, that may be my experience. I may have written the song, so I think, “I authored that song” but it’s not property, it’s not property for anybody!”

Now if I make a record, if I make a CD of that song, that’s property because I paid to make it. And if I sell that property, the money that comes back is my money– I’ll take that money and I’ll share it with the other people involved in making that CD. But this is my position: you can sell CDs, you can sell records and tapes, and you can sell mini-discs if you’re foolhardy, and you can sell mp3s and digital downloads, you can sell all of these things, but you can’t sell music because music is free. I’m serious about that. I really believe that.

6 thoughts on “That’s why I made the music, because I want people to hear it.

  1. I believe that to be true. But then, nobody ever really considered Brittany to be a “musician”. ;)

    I’ve always wanted to be a musician. I’m one of those people who weeps at certain music, and laughs and feels the music…and yet, I have zero ability to make it. I’ve tried. It’s not good. I’ve learned to accept that it’s just one thing that no matter how much I practice, no matter how much I want it, I just cannot do it. It’s sad.

    That said, I still want a harp…I’m convinced anyone can make pretty sounds with a harp…even me. :)

  2. Ahh, the great Ian MacKaye. Looking back in 20/20 hindsight, he’s quite possibly the only reason I survived on this planet until age 21.

  3. Oh, I’ve tried piano, guitar, choir, the list goes on and on…it’s just not one of those things I can figure out. Also, despite years of people trying to teach me, I’ve never been able to read music. It’s like quantum physics, it just does not compute. ;)

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