Christen Sussin and Quentin Crisp

Christen relates her day. A day like any other, except…

“That’s a dynamite purse. Where’d you get it?” As I turned to respond to the question and the little bells in my head went off alerting me to the fact that the voice I heard sounded just like Quentin…oh my God I would recognize that big bell pepper of a head anywhere…Tarantino!

So I said, “ohIgotitinCanadafouryearsagoitssupersturdy anditholdseverythingbecauseit’s justonebigcompartmentIloveit. I don’t mean to be a gay jackass but…you’re Quentin Tarantino AND YOU ARE THE BALLS!”

Seriously that is what I said.

I hope to some day react this well under pressure.

4 thoughts on “Christen Sussin and Quentin Crisp

  1. They have bright yellow Pussy Wagon T-shirts for sale at the KB site. I want one.

    Also, I’d hang with QT given the chance, and let him put me in a headlock. It’d be the best day ever. :)

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