From an interview with Sleazy, in regards to his recent move to Thailand from the UK:

More or less everything (food, rent, utilities, transport, but not Apple Macs’) is about a quarter the price of the West especially the UK, so a modest Coil income goes four times further.

There are some things in Thailand that present problems though. The main one for me is that in the UK it’s easy to be motivated to do a lot of work (or a lot of very expensive ‘play’) since there’s basically nothing else to do! In Thailand there are a million beautiful ways to pass the days, so motivating myself to get things done there is much harder.

The England that I grew up in, which was an inspiration to me for so long, has changed a great deal and I am no longer able to see any good side to it. […]

It seems to me that now virtually all artistic endeavour in the UK is actually regarded simply as a means to an end; a means of obtaining fame, a lifestyle, a flat-screen TV, an Audi or the right flowers in the right pot. I’m including people starting up as musicians, artists and fashion designers, the people who will shape the cultural identity of the country in years to come. Nobody seems to be doing these things just because they are driven to, any more. So their work is compromised.

[On Downloading Music]

The debate of the relative merits of ownership of special things vs. the possession of special information will never die. I prefer the latter but Jhonn the former. To be sure, the experience of holding an object, especially a hand-made object will not be equalled electronically for many years. I’d like to think Coil are weeks rather than months away from offering our work as downloads.

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  1. hmmm… i agree a lot to what has been said, but i still think there are a lot of people in england wo do strive for art because it is art and not for the pound! i just think it is harder to see them, as the media glosses over these people in preference to the people they can make scandel stories or items on how rich somebody or there lifestytle is.
    The main problem i have is that, if everybody who was an artist for the right reasons, somebody who cares about the integrity of their work above all else leaves the country , then we will have no-one left. and the UK will be doomed to go the same way as america.
    However i believe amybody who cares about it enough, people who are serious artists, people whom i respect for their work and their contribution to music, art etc. who have lived in the UK while it has nutured them, and their art from when they started, would appreciate that and maybe not leave???? In my experience it is very rarely amazing people who leave, and if they do, they don’t shout about it! Maybe we are better off without them??

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