19 thoughts on “And on the lighter side…

  1. Oh my … wow.
    No bloody wonder these songs confuse me everytime they’re on the radio.

    Apparently, Ozzy did this same thing with a couple of songs too… however, he was either drink or high, …. or both. Therefore he has an excuse.

  2. the horror…
    it hurts my brain……
    it really does….

    I didn’t ahte nickelback, but I was never amazed by them…

    this so doesn’t help….

  3. How do I make a functionnal link to an mp3 file on an ftp site and make it work?

    like, when you post a song you’ve put on your ftp, how do you do that????

    everytime I’ve just linked it directly it gives me an error page, and doesn’t want to open up the file

    I’d really appreaciate your expertese help

    thank ya!

  4. A few things to consider. First, how do you know what directory you’re uploading to? If it’s not showing up under dunklertraum, maybe it’s something else. Second, FTPs/Webservers are case-sensitive. If you upload herman.MP3, a link that says herman.mp3 won’t work.

  5. Okay here’s a question for you.

    Do you know of any good programs that will allow me to take an audio .rm file and convert it into an audio .mp3 file.

    Couple Sputnik tracks I dl’d are in .rm format and I wish to convert them.

    Or would it be easier to take the .rm files use a program to convert them into .wavs and then use another program to convert them into .mp3 format?

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