Ryan Malcolm knows what’s up.

Federal Heritage Minister Helene Scherrer has spoken. Although Justice Konrad von Finckenstein ruled against CRIA, she has decided to take matters into her own hands.

“As minister of Canadian Heritage, I will, as quickly as possible, make changes to our copyright law.”

Canada to Helene Scherrer: Suck My Balls.

The problem with this, of course, is that Canadian copyright law has been going through a slow and thoughtful reformation process. Since the unveiling of A Framework for Copyright Reform in 2001, a lot of progress has been made in updating the laws to reflect the needs and concerns of content producers, and the public domain.

Now, however, it seems that all of this work will be bulldozed by Helene Scherrer, who declared her intentions at the Juno Awards last night. (Public interest and existing law be damned, we’ve got businesses to cater to!)

If this bothers you, please contact the Copyright Policy Branch of the Department of Canadian Heritage at (819) 997-5638. It’s your country too.

4 thoughts on “Ryan Malcolm knows what’s up.

  1. Aside from organizing a protest proper? I imagine contacting the Department of Canadian Heritage would be a good place to start. I’m going to call them Monday, see if I can arrange a meeting with someone.

  2. I’m wondering ’bout some kind of awareness raising events or something… though being a DJ who supports what the US sees as online piracy is a tricky thing, given the number of American DJs I deal with, the number of Labels I talk to *hurm*

    While I do fully support the ruling and believe in our copyright laws as they are now, it’s still an interesting position to be in *ponder*

    I wonder, though… some kind of event or somesuch…

    Please do keep us up to date if you’re able to get a meeting or something. I’ll check and see what can be done in the Toronto area… if there’s anyone to sit down with.

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