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  1. i only get the first 23 seconds every time i try to download it for some reason but it is an awesome 23 seconds and i really want to hear more. so far it reminds me a bit of tarmvred too, and of gridlock.

  2. Thanks! I changed the url, so it might work if you try to download it again. I’d like to hear what you think after you’ve heard the whole track.

  3. That sort of ambient synth in the background reminded me of the world map music from FF7. That’s not a bad thing though, it kind reminds me of home. :-) Video games and crunchy industrial music. It’s excellent, I’d dance to it.

  4. much liking this… somehow its not that abraisive, although it sounds like it should be.. which determines if I put it on my playlist for work

    how much is left to do?

  5. impressive….

    however, i think the industrial noise should be a bit louder than the really slow soft beat (i’m lacking vocabulary, please bare with me)

    then again, it’s excellent the way it is now

    good work

  6. yeah, it is a tarmvred style loop, though the distortion doesn’t have that characteristic tarmvred rumble. and the atmosphere is somewhat lament, it’s true. maybe a cleaner pad than the lament I’ve heard, but still comparable. actually, it kind of sounds like a pitched-up version of one of my pads… strange.

    it’s very loop-driven, which is a sound I’m not so into these days. but you do it well here. the loop does switch up fairly often, never really gets too redundant. sure-fire dancefloor, that goes without saying. give it more dynamic movement, more of a build into and out of the noise, and I think it could be a hit.

    my only problem with the track, really, is the nature of the distortion. (this is probably just because I’ve really been off of noise these days, but I’ll say it anyway). the distortion is very high-mid to high-end heavy. some of it might be the mp3 bitrate, I guess. the noise on the beat is all whites and a little grey, and the beat itself gets kind of lost in the static, the percussion becomes indistinct. again, I’m not big into noise these days, and that indistinct quality has become a sore spot for me — but a lot of noise fans love it, so what do I know.

    it’s definitely going places, jai, keep it up. (I hope that doesn’t come off patronizing).

  7. Not sure yet. I’ve only spent a day working on it… I still want to play with the middle of it, it’s a bit too loop-ish there for my liking.

  8. Agreed about the distortion. I’m trying to play with it so it’s less high-end heavy, but I’m having headphone/speaker difficulties. Need a pair of monitors, do I.

    As for the indistinct-ness when there’s a lot of static, I don’t mind that so much. For the heavier parts, I’ve been more trying to shape the noise into appealing rhythmic sounds, rather than make each percussive sound distinct. With that said, though, I want to be able to make sure that that for any breakdowns in the song that the beats are able to come out of the noise smoothly.

    The trick, I think, is going to be making sure that I don’t repeat myself . I really, really like noise, but I really dislike picking up an album where all the tracks sound the same. Same distortion, same percussive style, same basic structure, etc.

    (Tangent: My father, when he would write music, would delete his source files/sequences/etc after recording a song, so that he could never ‘borrow’ from it for a new song.)

  9. not sure what you mean by loop ish, but when I listened to it it ended up playing through a couple times over, and didnt get repetetive..

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